2015 Spring/Summer Catalog

Each season, we set out to design a collection that speaks to every woman—jewelry that’s unique enough to be called Silpada. And since Silpada began, we’ve been on a mission to empower every woman to create her dream life. You are the reason we are so dedicated to Silpada, why we’re a family business and why we’ll always stay that way. Dive in with us on this stylish adventure.


2015 silpada catalogWhether you’re the romantic, floral-loving girl whose fashion sense is always In Full Bloom, or the edgy, downtown-chic type that opts for Urban Edge, Silpada jewels cater to every style, age and shape. So, tell us:what’s your #SilpadaStyle profile?


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Join the culture club and rock these internationally inspired designs with fun fringe and your favorite prints, or make them pop against chic solids.


Incredibly iconic and made of .925 Sterling Silver, these are the can’t-live-without pieces your jewelry box needs now.

urban EDGE

Geometric silhouettes and modern essentials for hitting the city in style. Visit mysilpada.com and click Shop the Look to get the full jewelry looks featured on our models.


2015 silpada catalogFor a dose of downtown cool, pair these city-girl staples with  monochromatic maxis or shift shirts to show off their bold,  geometric details.


Inventive designs and impeccable quality crafted by family-owned, multi-generational artisan companies in Italy.

ESCAPE exotic

Cool and tropical hues that’ll have you thinking isle have one of each.


Color-rich and resort-ready, these pieces are all set to wear with the high-impact hues in your closet, like vibrant reds and dark blues.


Timeless Sterling Silver and navy accents are smart additions to your jewelry collection.


2015 silpada catalogGiving back has always been part of our philosophy. When you purchase the pieces below, a portion of the proceeds will benefit women’s health, children’s health and education. Visit silpadafoundation.org for more information.


Silpada Add-ons like Extenders, Earring Backs and Ring Adjusters make accessorizing a snap.

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Jewelry Care – How to Make Your Jewelry Last

My name is Cecilia, and I’m a jewelry expert! Do you ever wonder what you need to do to take good care of your jewelry? Well, I’m here with some tips to keep it clean and safe. Most watches are designed to resist water. They’re made with materials that aren’t affected by water, like rubber, nylon and Teflon… …to keep your watch safe if it gets wet.

Like when you wash your hands. I’m washing my hands. But that doesn’t mean they’re waterproof. So if there’s a chance for more than a splash or a spill, you should take it off. What’s better than a diamond ring? How about a ring with lots of diamonds? Rings with lots of stones, like clusters and pave, really sparkle! But it’s important to remember… it’s very important… these settings are extremely delicate, so you need to be extra careful to keep those preciousstones safe.

Hello. All gold is naturally yellow. So where does white gold come from? By adding other metals and using a little chemistry.
So if the color of your white gold begins to dull or yellow, don’t worry! This happens naturally over time. A simple process called rhodium plating can restore white gold to its original shine!

Sterling silver requires a little extra care to stay bright and shiny, too. Silver tarnishes naturally over time, from moisture in the air. It can even turn black! The good news is that tarnish can be easily removed with a soft cloth. Like my shirt.

Proper storage and cleaning can prevent it from happening. Tungsten carbide is really durable. It’s scratch proof and its polished finish never fades. But it’s not indestructible. If you hit it hard enough or drop it, you can damage the ring.

Well, there you have it. When it comes to taking care of your jewelry, it’s important to keep your facts straight. Straight! So when in doubt ask an expert like me! Thumbs up!

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Celebrate the Season of Giving with Kay Jewelers and St. Jude

Hi everyone, it’s Marlo Thomas for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. 2014 marks the 16th year that Kay Jewelers has partnered with St. Jude. And in that time, Kay has raised more than 40 million dollars through a variety of initiatives, including its popular Plush campaign at Kay stores nationwide.

Donations from Kay Jewelers, and you their loyal shoppers, have helped support our commitment to unsurpassed patient care at St. Jude. Kay has been boundless in this effort, from the award-winning Kay Kafe and other vital programs for the hospital, to its incredible sponsorship of our landmark St. Jude Pediatric Cancer Genome Project.

This project has resulted in the release of the largest ever distribution of comprehensive cancer genome data to the global scientific community benefiting children and their families worldwide. None of these groundbreaking advances would be possible without the support of companies like Kay Jewelers and their amazing customers like you.

So thank you for being part of our commitment to finding cures and saving children, and for helping to achieve my father’s dream that one day no child will die in the dawn of life.

Happy holidays to all of you.

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Behind the Scenes of the Charmed Memories Commercial from Kay Jewelers

I’m Joe Murray, I’m the director/cinematographer on Kay Jewelers Her Story television commercial. It’s a story about a young couple and we see them metaphorically with their first meeting, getting married and getting pregnant.

We never see the baby but we see her growth in her pregnancy. It employs an old-school innovative technique of stop motion. What we’re doing is breaking down the action into little increments, little moments, and we’re recording each moment as a very, very high-resolution digital still picture.

Then they’ll edit those pictures together, in succession, cutting them frame by frame by frame. Like you would do in an animation film. It’s a little bit like a cross between a print shoot and a live video shoot, um, because you have to pause between every shot, every moment.

You end up doing a lot of, “Okay now move. Freeze. And move. Freeze.” To go through it so many different ways and try to make it look real, can be rather difficult, I found. At times there would be like three or four people, um, working on one, an aspect of my outfit.

One person on my hair, a person on my makeup, a person on the belly. We had, I think, probably fifteen wardrobe changes, because we were trying to make this thing pass over five years or so. So it was interesting, I’ve never had a uh, a shave on set.

There was a lot of variations of bellies that got put on today. It was a trip to watch your belly grow in a manner of hours. The technique, in this case, works perfectly for the product, for the charmed memories line. The product itself is a very playful product.

You know, it’s something that you can build and you’re creating memories with it. It’s a cool spot.

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Sofia Vergara so Sofia Jewelry Collection – Behind the Scenes from Kay Jewelers

I am Sofia Vergara I am the actress of Modern Family. And now I have my new jewelry collection at Kay Jewelers. We are doing our first photo shoot and we are in Hollywood California to showcase my beautiful collection “so Sofia” and we’re very excited because the jewelry is amazing.

It’s exciting to see how everything comes together around the jewelry, around the designs, around every piece. We have looked for outfits, for hair style, for the perfect lipstick, to make all this jewelry look beautiful and sexy and gorgeous!

The collection has been inspired on things the woman love, things that are fancy and that make you feel happy and wanted. We picked things that shows off every girls skin color and that everyone can enjoy.

The most important thing for me is to create collections that are really a part of my real life. Collections that I can wear, that I’m going to enjoy, that I love. I want to give, you know, my fans a pieces that are authentic to me.

It’s, its very me! Kay Jewelers in the house!

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Blue Nile – Jewelry Education | Platinum

When it comes to building the perfect engagement ring, it’s important to start with a solid foundation. Platinum, is our most popular medal for engagement rings and wedding bands. Study show that 8 out of 10 brides could be prefer platinum. It’s one of the rarest elements on earth 30 times more rare than gold and so price at King Louis the 15th France declared it the only metal fit for a king.

Strong and durable, platinum has remarkable resistance to corrosion and tarnishing. In fact, pure platinum is slightly harder than pure iron. Blue Nile platinum is 95 percent pure with the remaining 5 percent made up other plans the medals purity.

Makes it naturally hypoallergenic ideal for those with sensitive skin lesions. Because of its great strength platinum is the most secure setting for diamonds and precious gemstones. It’s density and durability means it loses very little metal to everyday wear.

Like all precious metals, platinum does scratch which over time develops into a rich patina finish. This is considered by many to be unique and desirable attribute, giving platinum an heirloom look. The pre patina shine and reflective luster can be easily be revived by simply polishing unlike white gold which requires rhodium plating fades over time.

Platinum is unnaturally white metal and its bright light sheen accentuated in natural sparkle and really into the diamond. Platinum is a great choice for engagement rings, wedding bands and jewelry for every nation. paired with the Blue Nile diamond it symbolizes love double standard all the time.

Find more information at bluenile.com.

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Kay Jewelers Official Jewelry Store of the Pro Football Hall of Fame

Here in the Hall of Fame, thank you, I love you! At the Pro Football Hall of Fame, the careers of men who have made a truly unique impact on America’s most popular sport, are honored. Celebrating the achievements of these men requires special recognition that reflects the shared fraternity they are entering.

As well as the individual careers that have brought them here. That’s why Kay Jewelers the number one jewelry store in united states, having proud good reputation for nearly one hundred years, is the official jewelry store of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. And it was selected to produce a certified enshrinement rings.

The new ring design features a vibrant blue gemstone, selected both for appearance and meaning, symbolizing confidence, power and integrity. The outer diamonds create a stadium effect around the striking football-shape diamond center. The ring also features the ultimate in customization – a likeness of each Hall of Fame inductee.

Along with his position and years in the league appear on one side of the ring. While his name, the Official Hall of Fame logo and his distinction as a member of the Hall of Fame appear on the other. Each ring was carefully designed and developed right down to ensuring the perfect size for the recipient.

This stunning ring commemorating these legendary players is a fitting tribute and both new inductees and alumni are thrilled with the design. Kay Jewelers would like to congratulate the Pro Football Hall of Fame Class of 2014.

Kay Jewelers, I want to thank you for making a beautiful ring. I love ya!

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2014 spring/summer silpada catalog

Today’s woman inspires us. You’re confident, you’re ambitious,you’re the life of the party. You’re best friend, a role model and creer woman all the same time. And, what we love most about women like you is that, despite your busy life, you still find time to look fabulous. But, Silpada isn’t just about how you look. It’s about how you’re look makes you feel. You and the Silpada women you see on these next few pages are the women of today who are changing tomorrow and spreeding the Silpada Sisterhood for decades to come.

Click here for  2015 spring/summer silpada catalog.

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Discovering yourself is a journey. Finding youself is a Destination.

You were destined to discover the place you belong. The place you feel most at home, most confident and comfortable just being you…and you being enough. Silpada can be that place. A destination where you’ll find yourself…and discover that you’re Here by Design.

We believe this world needs more people who do what they love, more people embracing their individuality and leaving life on their terms. As a company built by women for women, we understand today’s woman, and the important role she plays in every aspect of her life. She has no boundaries, no specific age, and she comes in every shape and size. She inpires others, and they inspire her. And you know her. She is you. And you are here by design.

Our Promise to You
Our jewelry is handcrafted from the .925 Sterling Silver, and our Silpada artisans subscribe to the highes standards of excellence. We’re so commited to quality that we back the entire collection with a lifetime guarantee. Great style, no worries. That’s Silpada promise!

The Patina finishing technique has been applied to metals across many cultures for hundreds of years. It originated during the Renaissance, where it was applied to newly cast Bronze in order to mimic the appearance of antiquities. Patina helps create a rich, rustic style that adds value and personality to your look.

Classic Collection

Set style standard with look that’s simple yet totally chic. Silpada’s Classic Collection is all about proportion, harmony and high quality-making it the perfect fit for you’re refined taste. Layer on these luxe must haves, and see for yourself why classic women call these beauties their style staples.

Change Of Art Ring

How It Works:
Pull the center-band setting and stone down from the double-band setting. Slide the stone off the center-band setting and slide the new stone on, alligning the magnet on the on the stone with the magnet on the center-band setting. Slide the new stone and center-band setting up into the double-band setting and place on finger to secure.

Find more information at silpada.com.

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Neil Lane, The Collector

You know my mom told me when I was a little kid, and she walked me around the streets of Brooklyn, that when she finished the little walk, she’d have to empty my pockets out, and they were all filled with colored glass. So I guess even at six years old I was fascinated by color and sparkle and things that glittered.

I was fascinated by period jewelry. I didn’t know who made it, there weren’t a lot of books at the time. There wasn’t really marks and monograms, people didn’t really know. I just had a visceral reaction to these jewels. For instance, this bracelet that’s illustrated in this book, from the art deco exhibition that they had last year at the Louvre in Paris.

It was amazing. And I had owned this bracelet from nineteen eighty-seven, when I first came to California. It was in a small little auction. They didn’t say it was French, they didn’t say it was signed or marked… and over the years I found out that it was made by a lady named Suzanne Belperron, one of these most avant-garde jewelry makers of the nineteen-twenties and thirties in Paris and… I love that! I love the history, I love touching it… I love all that.

This is one of the more expensive things I’ve ever bought. I bought that over twenty years ago. It came up in an auction and I just thought it was the most amazing thing I’d ever seen, it was like talking to me, like I couldn’t not think about it. You know, knowing it had precious gems and carved sapphires and diamonds and platinum and was handmade… I didn’t

know how I was going to get it, um… but I managed to buy it. And then, you know, interesting enough, I was in Nantucket last year, and I stopped at the Boston Museum to look at their jewelry collection, and I found in their archives the original drawings and the original photographs of the necklace. It was made by a company called Trabert & Hoeffer Mauboussin.

And someone had donated all the sketches for them, which is kind of really cool. You can see it. It was amazing, so now it had an origin. So my fascination with jewels, you know, go back a long time. For me the butterfly is like one of the jewels I really love the best. There are 75 carats of diamonds in this one butterfly.

You take the glamour of it, you take the glitter and the red carpet value and like, for me, it’s like one emotion. It’s one emotion. I look at and I go oh my god! I use my historical jewels for everything. I… for reference, how to make jewels, to inspire me. I use them for red carpets. I probably, if I didn’t have these things, I wouldn’t really know how to make jewelry today. But at the time I never thought I would be making jewelry.

I thought, well how could I make jewelry, when, you know, some of the most beautiful jewels in the world had already been made? And they were my teachers. You know, I think you, need to the past to go to the present and you need the present to go to the future. And so I love these things, they totally inspire me.

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Neil Lane, The Designer

My whole life all I wanted to do was paint. Looking at color my whole life as a little kid, I mean I never thought I’d be designing jewels one day. If you would have said that to me years ago, that one day I’d be doing this, dressing some of the most beautiful women in the world, jewelling them for some of the most important events of their lives, Oscars… I would have said, you’re nuts. I don’t want to do that.

I want to be a painter; I want to live in New York. You know, I want to have a loft in Soho. Making pieces of jewelry is not ordering pizza. Hey Joe, you know I want a slice of pizza, you I want seven pies with pepperonis and stuff like that, it’s not that simple. A lady came in, she said, I’d like a ring like that. That was like four months ago.

It’s challenging making a piece of jewelry, a couture, you know handmade jewelry like they use to make. But I love doing it. I love looking through these colored stones. I love choosing it, I love getting a saturation of colors. I was probably inspired by the painter Gustav Klimt from Austria in the nineteen-hundred.

Very, very colorful. I’m using a combination of folk-faceted round brilliant cut diamonds. Gem-quality ones. And then using sort-of polished rough. And it’s a visual feast. I love working with diamond chains, I love working with platinum diamonds, stringing them. Using the finest materials to make these long chains. They’re actually called Sauter’s.

No one knows what Sauter means. It’s a French word for a, for jumping. And when I started doing the red carpets, there really wasn’t that kind of stuff on the red carpet. There was sort of these heavy, big-diamond necklaces and they looked a little inappropriate for eighteen-year-olds. And I was thinking, what could I offer?

So I started making these long chains, which were kind-of sexy, glamorous, with a light on the red carpet, they really sparkled. And that became a big hit. Everything we have here, everything you’re looking at, is handmade, made the old-fashioned way. For myself, I don’t think we were ever about the biggest diamond ring.

I want someone to say to someone, what a beautiful ring you have, rather than say oh what a big rock you have. I think that’s what I’m going after, something beautiful that people really treasure. I think my style is sort of glamorous style.

It’s go the spirit of art deco, the spirit of the nineteen-thirties or forties, and I couldn’t just do one style. I think, I think my style is glamorous.

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